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Modern Aesthetic
Traditional Photo Booth Fun


Well we are glad you asked and believe me it isn’t just you, multiple people have their own idea about what it is! So, lets start with what an open-air photo booth is not. It is not:
  1. A drop top photo booth with the ceiling missing.
  2. An extra large enclosed photo booth, providing more space then the average photo booth.
  3. An enclosed photo booth that only has 3 sides.
  4. A big black monstrosity in the middle of your elegant affair.
Now that we have cleared that up, lets talk about what an open-air photo booth really is. It is:
  1. A sleek photo tower paired with luxe backdrops.
  2. Liberating…there is no enclosure.
  3. Fun and entertaining…as guests await their turn they are able to witness the fun that goes on behind the camera.
  4. Undeniable…we hear from people who never had the desire to go inside an enclosed booth. However when they see their friends and family taking pictures together, using props, letting their hair down, and having a blast, it encourages everyone to partake in the photo booth fun!
The great thing is you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal to have fun! Our tower is modern, and the backdrops are fabulous. It is simply an irresistible sight!
Photo booths have become an ever-growing part of events, weddings, parties and conferences, offering guests and hosts the chance to come away with fun, instantly shareable, personal souvenirs.
With our open air Photo Booth, you can easily fit a group of friends or family into images and not be confined to a small space. So come on everyone, strike a pose!
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